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A Little Child Will Lead Us

A New Faith Based Community Initiative for Watertown Area Children and their Families.


236 Mullin Street, Watertown, New York 13601. Phone # 315-782-3033. e-mail:

“A Little Child Will Lead Us,”  Our Vision is to serve the community as we support parents in their joyful and challenging pursuit of raising their children. We do so by affording opportunities for families to play, serve and worship together in a Child Centered  Faith Community of loving adults. Think of us, as the:"Kids Are Us Faith Community." Most of the adults on our Advisory Team, our Grandmas and Grandpas, retired  educators, who love children, and want to enrich their lives. We understand firsthand how difficult it is to raise children. Our goal is to lighten the load of parental responsibility, by caring for the needs of the young family.

OUR Upcoming Summer Childcare Ministries: Free Childcare beginning - Tuesday through Thursdays: 7/6/21 to 8/26/21 4:30 pm for children 10 and younger. Meals/Snacks, Crafts and Indoor/Outdoor Recreation

NO CHILD EATS ALONE - Nutrition Hospitality Program of The FUMCW. "No Child Eats Alone," is a nutrition program for School Aged Children who are either hungry/and or lonely and in need of both caring adult companionship/nutritious meal because their parents /guardians are unavailable to have dinner with them. To develop trust, family members are welcomed and encouraged to accompany children until trust is developed. All children must have parental permission to attend. No child can walk home alone. NO RELIGIOUS Instruction is given. 

NO CHILD EATS ALONE PROGRAM will be held on  WEDNESDAYS from 5-6 pm. PARENTS MUST Pre-register their Children due to Covid Protocols.

Free Grab'n Go's are also available for children and youth on Wednesdays from 5-6 pm. 

Free Tutoring  by NYS Certified Educators will be held  and Wednesdays from 4pm - 5 pm. 

PARENTS/KIDS NIGHTS out the First Saturday of the Month from 4:30- 7:30 pm. For Kids ten and younger/ Dinner Snacks are provided. Diapers/Formula/Special Diet Foods must be provided by the Parents. No Religious Instruction Given. Seasonal Crafts/Games/Activities provided by caring Staff.

"A Little Child Will Lead Us," On Wednesday evenings from 4:00 pm to 7:00 pm, is a Faith Based Children's Ministry for Preschool through 6th grade, where Children enjoy large and small group instruction that includes a snack/dinner, group building non competitive games/music//science/crafts/discussion on how to live out the "Golden Rule." Our goal is to help Children make good choices in life, grow in self confidence/self esteem, enjoy making friends and impacting the world in positive ways. We help kids: "Be the Change the World Needs Today!"

WHAT TO EXPECT FROM STAFF?  Every Child Will be treated with respect and loving kindness. Children will be given responsible supervision in a safe and child centered environment. Parents are encouraged to stay with their children as long/often as necessary, to help their children feel safe and secure. Once parents leave, if children remain upset more than 15 minutes you will be contacted that your child needs you to come back for them.  We Never use Corporal Punishment or verbal Shaming.  We work as a team to redirect and help children refocus to make better choices for themselves, with positive reinforcement.. If behavioral issues persist we will ask you to come get your child  and discuss if our Child Care Ministry is a good fit for your child/children..


All children and families MUST be Pre-screened for Covid-19 before arriving. Children will have their temperatures taken upon arrival and must wear masks, with the exception of when eating. Good hand hygiene and social distancing will be modeled by staff and expected of children. Children will never be in groups of more than ten and will stay in their small groups throughout the evening.

All Staff Members/Volunteers have Safe Sanctuary/Background Clearances.

NO child may walk home alone or be picked up by an unauthorized person.

NO child may carry their own or siblings medicine.

Emergency Contact Information/Parental Permission Sheet, and Health Information, Student Information Sheet - including Food Allergies/Medical/Behavioral Concerns, MUST BE ON FILE.

**We regret that we may Not be able to serve your child in our ministry, if we are unable to meet your child's needs due to staffing/safety/health concerns..

For more information about Enrollment - please contact Pastor Anne Canfield at call or text at 607-765-6731.

Thank you for your interest in our Children's Ministries!! 

Please contact Pastor Anne Canfield at or call her at 607-765-6731.

 please e-mail Pastor Anne Canfield -

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